Top 5 signs your child might need glasses

EEsther October 11, 2023 4:26 PM

Has your child recently been squinting to read the TV screen? Or perhaps they're struggling with their homework more than usual? These could be signs that your child is experiencing vision problems and might need glasses.

Children's eye health is critical to their overall development and learning. However, kids may not always be able to express if they're struggling with their vision, making it important to look out for certain telltale signs.

Recognizing the signs

Here are the top 5 signs your child might need glasses:

  1. Squinting or closing one eye: If your child often squints or closes one eye to see better, it could be a sign of nearsightedness or farsightedness.

  2. Frequent headaches: Children who suffer from headaches frequently, especially after reading or spending time on the computer, might be straining their eyes due to poor vision.

  3. Difficulty in reading: Struggling to read or avoid reading altogether could be another sign. They may hold the book very close to their face or lose track of where they are on the page.

  4. Rubbing eyes excessively: When children rub their eyes frequently, it could indicate that their eyes are tired and strained from trying to focus.

  5. Avoiding activities that require near or distant vision: If your child avoids activities that require them to see clearly at a distance, such as playing ball games or watching TV, or close up, like reading or coloring, this could be a sign of vision problems.

When should you consult an eye specialist?

If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, it's time to book an eye exam with a specialist. Early detection of vision problems can save your child from struggling unnecessarily and help them perform better at school and in their daily lives.

Remember, children's vision problems are not always obvious. It's a good idea to get regular eye checks as part of their routine health check-ups. Understanding children's eye health and being aware of the signs of vision problems can help you ensure that your child gets the help they need when they need it.

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