6 creative ways to teach kids about world cultures

IIsabel January 31, 2024 7:02 AM

Raising global citizens in today's multicultural world is a must, and teaching our kids about different cultures is an integral part of it. Here are 6 creative ways to teach kids about world cultures.

Cook international cuisine together

One of the most engaging ways to explore different cultures is through their cuisine. Cooking international dishes together with your kids not only allows them to learn about the ingredients and cooking methods of a particular culture, but also introduces them to the history and traditions associated with the food. This activity can be a fun and tasty way of “traveling” the world from your kitchen.

Explore the world through books

Books are a fantastic way to transport your kids to different parts of the world. Whether it's a picture book about a child in a different culture, a folk tale from another country, or a non-fiction book about the world's cultures, reading together can open up conversations about diversity and cultural understanding.

Play educational games about cultures

There are plenty of educational games that can help kids learn about different cultures. These can range from board games, online games, to card games. These games can teach children about the geography, landmarks, languages, and traditions of different countries in a fun and interactive way.

Watch cultural shows or movies

Movies and TV shows can provide a visual and engaging way to learn about different cultures. This can include watching animated films set in different countries, documentaries about different cultures, or cultural performances such as dances and music from around the world.

Create a 'culture day'

Consider designating one day a week as 'culture day'. Each week, choose a different country or culture to explore. You could cook a traditional meal, learn a few phrases in the language, read a book or watch a movie from that culture, and learn about their traditions and customs.

Use maps and globes

Teaching children about world cultures is also about teaching them about geography. Use maps and globes to help your child visualize where different countries are, talk about the climate, landmarks, and interesting facts about each place.

In conclusion, teaching kids about world cultures can be both fun and educational. The key is to make it interactive and engaging so that they can develop an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of our world. Remember, the goal is not to make them experts, but to nurture their curiosity and openness towards different cultures.

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