4 essential communication skills every child should develop

IIsabel September 27, 2023 11:57 AM

Improving communication in kids is a crucial part of their growth and development. Understanding and effectively expressing feelings, thoughts, and ideas are vital skills that will help them throughout their life. Here are four essential communication skills every child should develop and some practical ways parents can nurture these abilities.

Listening skills

One of the foundational communication skills for children is listening. It's not just about hearing words but understanding and interpreting the information. Here are some strategies to improve your child's listening skills:

  1. Read together: Reading books aloud can enhance children's listening skills. Ask questions about the story to engage them further.

  2. Play listening games: Games like 'Simon Says' or 'I Spy' can be fun ways to develop active listening.

  3. Model good listening: Show your child what attentive listening looks like by doing it yourself.

Verbal skills

Verbal communication is essential for expressing thoughts and ideas. Here are some methods to develop children's verbal skills:

  • Encourage storytelling: Let your child narrate their day or make up stories. This exercise can enhance their vocabulary and sentence construction.

  • Engage in conversations: Regular conversations can give your child the opportunity to practice their speech.

  • Provide constructive feedback: Correct their mistakes gently without discouraging them.

Emotional expression

Children should understand and express their emotions healthily. Here are ways to nurture this ability:

  • Emotion vocabulary: Teach children words for various feelings to help them express themselves better.

  • Validate their feelings: Recognize and validate your child's emotions. It's okay for them to feel upset or frustrated.

  • Encourage creative outlets: Activities like painting or music can provide an avenue for emotional expression.


Understanding others' viewpoints is a key communication skill. Here's how to instill this:

  • Demonstrate empathy: Show empathy towards your child and others to model this behavior.

  • Discuss different perspectives: Use stories or real-life situations to illustrate how people's views can differ.

  • Encourage problem-solving: Let them think of solutions from different perspectives.

Teaching these essential communication skills can significantly influence your child's overall development. As a parent, guiding them through this process can be a rewarding experience.

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